Leadpages vs ClickFunnels : Landing Page Comparison [2018 ]

It is important to ask why you need a landing page before I proceed with a comparison of Leadpages Vs ClickFunnels.

To obtain user data that is valuable in exchange for an offer or discount. You get these leads to be nurtured by this information.

It is a relative scene; you offer something to your customers, good enough to convince them to discuss a few of their information. Now that’s fairly straightforward isn’t it?

According to a survey carried out by Wishpond in 2016, it was seen that the average conversion rate of a B2B landing page is around 13.28 percent & 9.87% of B2C landing pages.

If you’re wondering what is the secret to getting the landing page conversion, then it is to keep testing various variations.

About analyzing landing page variations, when I say, additionally, it suggests you’ll have to design those landing pages until you get the result you’re searching for. Now building a landing page is time consuming and tiring.This is where all of these landing page building tools will come easy. Had there been just one participant in the market it could have been a simple option. But landing page building tools are numerous, and most importantly are good in one way or another. You can use Leadpages, ClickFunnels, Unbounce or Instapage. I have been lately using ClickFunnels, and I dare say it’s fantastic. Formerly I used Leadpages, Instapage, and Unbounce.

I will be comparing Leadpages vs ClickFunnels in this article.

Leadpages vs ClickFunnels

It is important to note that Leadpages and ClickFunnels are specifically awesome tools. To be fair, each tool serves a specific purpose. Despite having differences, there are many ways in which both of these tools overlap.


Leadpages is a very simple drag and drops landing page construction tool. Leadpages incorporate with ESPs (Mail companies) to catch leads for additional lead nurturing. It takes less time to integrate, is easy and enables you to turn out some landing pages. No prior coding knowledge is required.

Leadpages is a powerful tool that helps you generate leads on the web, via emails, text messages and social media platforms. Its features include:

  • Drag-and-drop customization lets you make a landing page by dropping elements like texts, images, buttons, plugins, etc..
  • A bunch of cellular friendly templates to select from. Leadpages gives the option to decide on any template of your choice.
  • Landing page performances enhance only once you’ve tried and tested various variations. Leadpages provides you A/B testing choice determine which model works for you and to prepare landing pages and forms.
  • Leadpages provides integration with different software, upping your scope to do more with your landing pages. You send them to the, or to the email list, Webinar platform three and can capture leads.
  • Receive summaries of the way your landing pages are doing through the strong analytics Leadpages offers.
  • Leadboxes allows you to capture leads through two-step opt-in types. The capture pop-ups assist in including a lead automatically. The in-built lead magnet delivery system will push out the best content to these leads.
  • Publish your landing pages into your present domain names and websites.
  • If you understand HTML, then move past the pre-designed templates to make your own. It is possible to get prospects’ data directly.
  • Works with all popular ESPs such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, AWeber, and even more
  • Insert countdown timer into your own page for restricted supplies

The Role of Leadpages in Your Business

Leadpages can perform a great deal of actions but doesn’t function like your ordinary email marketing software. Leadpages does not send regular emails to your list like an email marketing software does, it only helps to catch Leads.  

Having said this you might be having a second thought of using Leadpages, well discard those thoughts. Leadpages provides you with a host of templates that grows your email list and increases the conversion rate.

Having known the functions of Leadpages, we can now go ahead to discuss ways Leadpages can be of help to you:

It is easy to create Landing page opt-in form. Using Leadpages to build highly converting landing page is easier than using any other designing software because of the availability of various templates to choose from.

  1. Blogs can contain Opt-in boxes. Leadpages allows you to have popped up opt-in boxes within your blogs making it easier for your audience to follow a compelling CTA without disturbing the flow of the blog; it’s professional and easy to subscribe to your blog.
  2. Webinar hosting– You can overcome the challenges of pricey webinar software by selecting Leadpages webinar template to build and present a live webinar. It allows you to embed Google Hangouts broadcast and insert chat box to power instant Q/A session to engage your audience.
  3. Use Sales template to build sales landing page. It allows you to customize your Landing page as you wish.
  4. Build email subscribers using text messaging. You can collect and build email subscribers using the following methods:
  • Craft a word or phrase and send to the target number.
  • Recipient will reply with their email
  • The software adds the email in the reply message to the email list you are building.

The importance of this function

  • There is no need sending your audience to your URL or website just send them a text simply ask them to send their email address.

5. Automatically send content upgrade. Upload your freebie in the LeadBox after building it in Leadpages and watch it automatically sent out to all new opt-in subscribers.

6. Get a Viral appreciation page in minutes. Build a ready to send out Thank You message to all new subscribers to show your appreciation if you like, add a CTA share link so your audience can share it on social media, right in your Leadpages software. Such feature as this will help you stay in touch with your audience.

This blog piece from Leadpages blog should help you understand the effectiveness of Leadpages in boosting brands email list. You should pay close attention to PowToon, you will find it interesting.

The PowToon story

Using their drag and drop software, PowToon helps you to create animated videos and presentations and it’s what Starbucks, Cisco, and similar companies are using to create their videos. Since its creation in 2002, PowToon is credited with spreading this simple message:

“If you have a message, and you want to make it more engaging, animated, fun, and use your own branding, it’s a really easy way to create engaging content”.

If you find this case study interesting, you can read the whole story on Leadpages blog (

However, below is the highlight of that story.

PowToon did A/B testing on their landing pages

This method ensures that PowToon had the option of what works with the A/B landing pages testing.

Ari Sherbill of PowToon has this to say:

“I don’t know what people are doing without Leadpages. The fact is that you do not need to rely on other people if you learn the core basics. It’s easy enough and affordable enough.”

The Leadpages’ webinars template comes handy for PowToon for engaging its customers instead of using sign ups or subscriptions. See PowToon existing client webinar registration page below:

PowToon Webinar Registration Landing Page

The alternative to the first landing page is the one below:

Alternative Landing Page: PowToon

PowToon never loses its focus from the right thing. From the onset, it relies on Leadpages for all its lead generation activities. Whether doing branding or crafting its content, Leadpages is PowToon safe haven!

Leadpages Integration

There are couples of integrations by Leadpages to simplify your job.  Whatever integration work you need do, whether it’s CRM, analytics, or social media or email list building, Leadpages gives you the resources to integrate them into your business. Essentially, Leadpages integrations are divided thus:

(Please pay close attention to the thunderbolt-like symbol that stands for ‘Integration’ and the tick mark indicate ‘compatibility’)


It is absolutely impossible to do anything in marketing without analytics; analytics helps to strategize and forge ahead in a difficult situation with clarity. Leadpages integrates with Google Analytics and is well-matched with Google Tag manager and every JavaScript analytics platforms.


After lead capturing, its integrations with CRM allow implementation of a successful campaign. it is compatible with Zoho and also integrates with Salesforce and Infusionsoft.


If you are managing an e-commerce store, you will find Leadpages very useful as it is tailored with options to meet your needs. Its integration with Interspire, 1ShoppingCart improve your eCommerce potential and it is Shopify compatible.

Email campaigns

You will find this the most interesting of all, as it integrates with some email marketing application such as SendReach, iContact, MailChimp, GetResponse etc.

Digital Advertising

Leadpages will help to increase traffic as its compatible with Google AdWord, and Facebook Ads by sending dedicated PPC and targeted ads landing pages respectively.

Marketing Automation

Without B2B marketing automation, there is no B2B marketing and Leadpages allows integration with Marketo, Ontraport, and Hubspot for a superior B2B promotion.


Leadpages is working with PayPal and Stripe, the world foremost online payment transaction tools that are securing the future of e-commerce already in top gear of activities.

Social Media

Leadpages is compatible with the major social media and professional networking platform including Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.


You can integrate GoToWebinar and WebinarJam/ever webinar with Leadpages to drive your webinar presentations. Now, it is as easy as enabling the right module.

Leadpages Pricing

There are monthly, annual and 2 year plans for Leadpages offers. It does not offer ‘Advanced’ plan at the moment for an annual subscription.

Monthly subscription detail:

  •    Standard plan. This targets home businesses and solopreneurs at $37
  •    Pro plan focusing Small Businesses and Professional at $79

Annual subscription detail:

  •   Standard plan. This targets home businesses and solopreneurs at $25/Month
  •   Pro plan focusing Small Businesses and Professional at $48/Month
  •  Advanced plan focusing for agencies at $199/Month

2 Year subscription detail:

  •   Standard plan. This targets home businesses and solopreneurs at $25/Month
  •   Pro plan focusing Small Businesses and Professional at $48/Month
  •  Advanced plan focusing for agencies at $199/Month

If you are doubtful ab out what plan is suitable for you, watch this short video by Leadpages to help you make an informed decision:

Our next discussion is on ClickFunnel now that you have a good grasp of what Leadpages does.


Among leading landing page building tools, ClickFunnels is now a back-bencher as it is rich with lots of cool templates.

You will find ClickFunnels homepage a content-rich platform with lots of tools with the proper guide to know what each tool will do for you. This software includes not just landing pages building tools; it also offers resources to build sales funnels. It features amazing tools you can use to create a complete sales funnel and integral tools for building fantastic landing pages; the landing page building feature does not stand alone, it’s a part of the software you can trust.

Using ClickFunnels software, there is hardly any type of funnels including a webinar, thank you page and so on. It creates a billing page to compliment your sales page for a seamless transaction.

ClickFunnels Features

A great product is sold on its benefits and that is what you will find in ClickFunnels homepage with numbers show amazing benefits, achievements, and possibilities. It includes a compelling CTA to elicit actions from potential customers.

Statistics: ClickFunnels

The product presentation is unambiguous with a straightforward, easy to read statements that explains what the product does, and what it would do for the client. It shows the types of funnels a buyer can create and the available features. As a veritable sales mechanism, ClickFunnels proved its relevance by urging its listener to proceed to sign up to capture that lead before straying away. This discussion on ClickFunnels will undertake a comparison of the tool with Leadpages and also provide an overview of its characteristics. Let’s proceed.

Using funky terms to categorize its services, ClickFunnels divides it into two sections called “Actionetics” and “Backpacks” to show prospective buyers where to look for the kind of services they want in their product as shown in the image below.

The feature part of ClickFunnels description contains some frequently asked questions and technicalities contained in the software.

Features – a quick walk-through

Obviously, the task of drawing a comparison with ClickFunnels is a done deal; it’s needless spending time to go through again thus it would suffice to take a quick overview of the product’s main features:

   Easy and powerful drag and drop editor

  •    Simple WYSIWYG Editor
  •    Landing page software
  •    A/B Split Testing
  •    Complete website hosting
  •    Membership sites
  •    Conversion tracking
  •    Various Sales Funnels, aka ‘Funnel-in-a-box’
  •    Email autoresponder software
  •    Professional themes and templates
  •    Opt-ins (Two step & Instant); and so much more.

Simple steps to using ClickFunnels

As provided by ClickFunnels, there is a detailed guide on using the tools and it contains GIFs, Images, and videos to assist users of the software as described below:

  1. Choose Sales Funnel is number one thing to do. You can scroll up to the homepage if you missed explanation on what a funnel is to check the six pre-built in funnels:

The 6 Types of Sales Funnels

  •    Bestseller Book Funnel
  •    Product Launch Funnel
  •    Perfect Webinar Funnel
  •    The “Real Stuff” Funnel
  •    Fishbowl Funnel
  •    Networking Marketing Bridge Funnel

   You can customize ClickFunnels by drag and drop message

  1.    You need to set up actions like email text to use your funnel.
  2.    Start ClickFunnels

Here is the best part of ClickFunnels:

Integrating ClickFunnels

You can integrate ClickFunnels with famous tools like MailChimp, ConstantContact, Drip, Pureleverage, AWeber, Sendlane etc. the following shopping cart apps like Strip, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Taxamo, Clickbank and JVZoo too can be can be added to ClickFunnels for optimum result.

ClickFunnels Pricing

Don’t think this is a free tool because of the 14-day free trial offer you see everywhere. See the following pricing:

Basic plan starts at $97 monthly and you will get:

  • 20 Funnels
  • 100 Pages
  • 2000 visitors monthly
  • Integration with CRMs and email autoresponders shopping carts

For $297, you can get the value pack comprising all of “Actionetics and “Backpacks” monthly

Monthly Subscription Plan: 

Yearly Subscription Plan: 

Here is the overview display of ClickFunnels Pricing Structure:

Leadpages vs. ClickFunnels

Giving the features of both tools, we can safely conclude that ClickFunnels takes the lead in terms of versatility and robustness.

As with Leadpages, one can safely say it does its landing page job superbly well, we can’t take that away from it. But while its strong point is on building landing pages, ClickFunnels does more. The comparison between the two tools shows that ClickFunnels can do what Leadpages can do and even go far ahead to provide more values to its user.

We can see that the two tools are similar in many ways as listed below:

  •    Using simple WYSIWYG Editor to create landing pages
  •    Building mobile responsive Landing pages
  •    Packed with themes and templates
  •    Both have A/B split testing
  •    Two-step opt-ins
  •    Webinar Funnels
  •    Instant opt-ins

Let’s look at the features ClickFunnels has that Leadpages lacks:

  1.    The 6 Built-in funnels
  2.    Advanced and automated Webinar Funnels
  3.    ClickFunnels Also provide:
  • Easy page/funnel replication
  • Smart email sequencing
  • Tracking per page conversions, or, Full funnel conversion view
  • Lock membership content
  • Change funnel order on the go
  • Payment integrations
  • Member metrics
  • Drip content

The winning point:

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to try the tool before payment

Without deeper thought than looking at the price, one might make the mistake of thinking of the steep pricing, but careful examination of the feature-packed benefits will show it worth it. Therefore, in term of pricing, both tools stand apart and there is no basis for comparison in term of cost. Our interest should turn to functionality and how best they deliver.

Dashboard comparison

Both products have amazing dashboards, but ClickFunnels is more robust. The icons, editor, and robust statistical data give ClickFunnels the edge. ClickFunnels packed lots of options because it is more versatile and also has more features that will use the extra functions it has.

Capturing of leads and its nurturing are features that edged out Leadpages which focus on lead capture only.  Even the A/B split testing is only available when you go for the advanced option in Leadpages while ClickFunnels has it with $97 price.

Integrations with other versatile tools

ClickFunnels integrates well with many productivity tools and payment systems, far beyond what Leadpages does.

Affiliate program

Both tools have this but while Leadpages offers 30% rate, its ClickFunnels brother offers a 40% lifetime recurring affiliate commission.

Having reviewed both tools, one is persuaded by the smart option of ClickFunnels that offers all in one product whereby choosing Leadpages will cause spending more money in acquiring other tools separately if one dares to choose it. It is more expedient to have one tool that does more than having more tools to be managed by one person.

ClickFunnels Commercial 

Leadpages Commercial 


Buying a tool is essentially according to what you want. If you want to keep it simple or you want something that can give more. Now that you know what both products can do, the choice is yours to decide what to go for because both products are great in their core areas.