13 High-Paying Online Part-Time Jobs for Every Skill & Talent in 2023


Are you tired of heading into the office and want to make some real cash from home? Maybe you’re looking for a side hustle on a part-time basis with the ability to work remotely. No matter what your talents or experience, there are high-earning online part-time jobs that might suit you so that you can work from home.

Stop chasing jobs that were posted days ago and look into these ideas for part-time remote work starting now.

Let’s get started!

13 Best Online Part-Time Jobs for All Skill Levels

Spend your time online in a more productive way and earn some money for your skills. These top 13 online part-time jobs will give you the opportunity to grow and scale your income with ease.

Many of them use skills you may already have, or you can take courses to learn more about the ones that interest you.

Here is what you need to know to work from home online.

1. Blogging: Flexible Online Part-Time Jobs

Maybe the most well-known way to make money online via a part-time opportunity is through blogging. This allows you to harness whatever your interests are and any writing skills that you already have.

You could even hire someone else to work part-time on your blog writing content while you focus on scaling it with affiliate income.

Bloggers are expected to make an average income of $67,467 per year.

To learn more about managing an affiliate site with top SEO strategies, Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity is a great course option.

You’ll learn how to build, scale, and even flip websites. Plus SEO, CRO, email marketing, building a remote team, and more!

See our full Affiliate Lab review here to learn more about whether this course is right for you.

2. YouTube Influencer

If you aren’t camera shy, you might want to consider whether becoming a YouTube influencer is the right move for you. (Although we’ve even got some faceless YouTube channel ideas for you if you’re more of an introvert!)

Much like other forms of social media, YouTube involves building a community that truly values what you have to say.

The average YouTuber makes about $60,000 annually.

Keep in mind that you won’t earn money right away, but this is a good long-term strategy for those who want online part-time jobs that pay well.

Before you can make money off ad revenue on your channel, you will need 1,000 subscribers and either 4,000 watch hours this year or 10 million shorts views in 90 days.

For more details on how to earn money on YouTube, see their guide here.

For more information on how to become an influencer, we compiled this complete guide here!

3. Social Media Management

Are you a social media expert? You can write captions that convert on Facebook and know how to take the perfect picture for Instagram.

Maybe you can even run a killer ad campaign that brings in lots of new clients and revenue for a business.

Turn your talent into part-time online jobs by becoming a social media manager. You can have creative license as long as you can increase follower counts, produce content, and keep the wheels running on a company’s socials.

The national average salary for a social media manager is $64,000.

4. Online Tutor or English Teacher (Online Part-Time Jobs With Face-to-Face Virtual Meetings)

Online part-time jobs are great, but some people miss the face-to-face atmosphere of an office job. If you don’t mind a little face-to-face time and have a specific skill to share with the world, you can be an online tutor.

Tutors are needed in just about every area: math, science, history, you name it!

Online tutors make great money, especially for online part-time jobs. Expect to make about $58,000 per year.

The only thing that you need is extensive education or understanding of the topic, as well as the ability to share your knowledge with someone else.

Even if you don’t have an advanced degree, you can still teach. English is a highly sought-after skill around the world, so consider sharing your linguistic talents with someone who wants to learn!

5. Proofreading, Editing, or Writing

When the written word is your strongest skill, you have plenty of options for part-time remote work. Proofreading, editing, and even writing are all areas where businesses are eager to hire freelancers.

To succeed in these fields, you need an eagle eye for typos, attention to detail, and a great command of language.

Proofreaders make about $22 per hour, while writers can net slightly more at $30 per hour.

Worried you don’t have the skills to write professionally? Artificial intelligence makes it easier than ever before with tools like Jasper. Learn more about AI in our Jasper review here.

6. Transcription Services

When your fingers can fly over the keyboard, transcription services might be the best fit for your part-time work.

As long as you have great listening skills, typing skills, and a good grasp of language and grammar, all you have to do is type what you hear. Multitaskers will love the challenge of transcribing!

The average transcriptionist makes about $17 per hour.

7. Virtual Assistant

Do you have great organizational skills? Share them with other people and work part-time as a virtual assistant. Anyone with secretarial experience will thrive in this part-time position.

Tasks can include setting appointments or making phone calls. Depending on the business, you may also take care of some customer service tasks like responding to emails.

In other words, you do whatever it takes to make the business run smoothly so that your manager or the business owner can focus on other tasks.

Virtual assistants tend to be paid well for their part-time work at a rate of $24 per hour. Here is our guide to the best virtual assistant jobs for beginners and where to find them!

8. Design Services

Creativity comes naturally to you, so why not capitalize on that opportunity? If you have the skills to design a logo or create advertisement campaigns, then you will want to take part-time work as a graphic designer, earning roughly $21 per hour.

Of course, you will need access to industry software like PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator. Designers who already have access to these programs will have the easiest time transitioning into this type of part-time work.

Here are the best freelance graphic design websites to help you land your first clients.

9. Web Designer

Maybe your design skillset is more specialized than just logo work or illustrations. Web designers are also in high demand because every business needs a website in this digital age.

Knowing how to design a WordPress website from scratch is a sought-after skill, so start building a portfolio.

As a bonus, designing your own personal website gives you experience and shows clients the quality of work they can expect from you.

A skilled web designer makes about $25 per hour.

10. Bookkeeper

If design doesn’t suit you, then maybe you would prefer to work with numbers. A bookkeeper keeps the facts and figures straight for businesses, and they rarely have to go into the office.

They might pull reports and see where the business could be more efficient or have the opportunity to earn more.

Experience with software like QuickBooks is a huge plus for this line of work.

Experienced bookkeepers can make about $45,000 per year. For more information on how to start a bookkeeping business, here is our complete guide!

11. Voiceover Recordings

Actors who want a side hustle might consider voiceover work that they can do from the comfort of their own homes. All you need is a quiet space with good acoustics, a solid microphone, and some very basic sound editing techniques.

Because this is a unique skill set that not everyone can do, it tends to pay very well. Expect to command about $50 per hour for this work.

To find your first gig, here are the best voice-over websites for freelancers to help you earn a profit!

12. Shopify, Amazon, or Etsy Store Owner

Some people naturally have a knack for building their own websites and managing a line of products. Shopify is a great option for someone who wants to learn how to master drop shipping, where you bring in products from a third party and sell them through your branded website.

You can even sell things that you make on Shopify, such as printables.

Shopify stores tend to make about $72 per customer on average.

To learn more about Shopify stores, here are some other resources:

If you have a crafty side, then you might want to consider starting an Etsy store with handmade goods or printables. Creative shop owners can bring in roughly $500 per month selling their handcrafted and one-of-a-kind items. Learn how to REALLY make money on Etsy here.

Low-content books sold on Amazon are another great way to make a little extra money. You can create notebooks, recipe planners, sketchbooks, writing prompt journals, and more. Our guide to selling low-content books can help.

13. Amazon FBA Online Part-Time Job Option

If you want to open your own store and the above options don’t appeal to you, take advantage of an Amazon FBA business. You can harness the sales associated with the retail giant and have customers coming to your store in droves.

With the right products, you could bring in anywhere from a few hundred dollars per month to several thousand! Amazon sellers are only limited by what they think will set them apart from competitors and what is selling on the market right now.

You have to be nimble and adaptable if you want to see success via Amazon FBA.

To learn more about Amazon FBA, here are some guides that can help:

Of course, you may want to also invest in tools that can help you earn more and pinpoint successful products for sale like Jungle Scout. (See our full Jungle Scout review here.)

Final Thoughts: Finding the Right Online Part-Time Jobs for You

Are you ready to start earning more money in your spare time online? Even if you already have a full-time job, these creative online part-time jobs are a great way to pick up some extra cash. Think about what skills you have to offer to the market and which job type is suited to you.

There are tons of things to learn when it comes to finding the perfect work-from-home opportunities, so consider whether any of these jobs will be the right fit for you!


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