Amazon Market Watch: The Rise of Consumer Demand for ’90s Nostalgia This Holiday Season


In this week’s Amazon Market Watch, we’re diving into an intriguing trend that’s sweeping Amazon ahead of the holiday season: the return of the ’90s!

If you were a child of the ’90s or had children growing up during this decade, you’re probably familiar with the joy of unwrapping a Tamagotchi on Christmas morning or trading Beanie Babies during recess. These iconic products are not just remnants of our past but are now making a significant comeback on Amazon.

Exclusive Amazon market insights from Jungle Scout Cobalt show that several ’90s products are gaining momentum on Amazon. Keep reading to discover which brands and products are the most popular. 

In this post, we use Jungle Scout Cobalt and Jungle Scout Data Cloud to see how consumers’ piqued interest in the ‘90s is impacting sales of related products on Amazon.

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Nostalgia has always been a powerful tool in the world of sales and marketing. For many, the ’90s evoke feelings of simpler times, devoid of the constant digital distractions of today. This very nostalgia propelled the recent Barbie Movie’s success, bridging generations and leaving an indelible mark on audiences from toddlers to seniors in 2023.

So, what’s causing the surge in ’90s throwback Amazon purchases? The answer may lie in a combination of generational cycles and a yearning for a touch of the familiar. Many of today’s young adults and parents grew up in the ’90s. They’re keen to share a piece of their childhood with the next generation or perhaps even indulge in a little bit of nostalgia for themselves.

An Amazon Christmas Wish List for ‘90s Kids 

As the holiday season fast approaches, a pressing question emerges for brands and retailers: What will top consumers’ Christmas wish lists this year? We predict sales growth surrounding nostalgic ’90s toys and games. Keep reading for market insights on 10 of the top comeback products that are sure to be on every ‘90s kid’s Christmas list. 

Tamagotchi by Bandai

The Tamagotchi is a pocket-sized virtual pet craving attention, sustenance, and affection. In a world dominated by state-of-the-art tech, the charming simplicity of Tamagotchis feels like a refreshing blast from the past.

The Tamagotchi by Bandai has seen a 36% drop in unit sales over the last quarter. However, this isn’t the full story. A deeper dive into the Amazon data reveals significant sales surges over the past two years between December 6th and 19th, 2021; November 21st and December 18th, 2022; and between April 3rd and 9th, 2022. 

Predictive trends suggest another potential surge for Tamagotchi right around the corner, specifically towards the end of November and the beginning of December 2023. It’s also worth noting that searches for “Tamagotchi” on Amazon have risen by a notable 17% in just the past month.

While the overall sales trajectory for Tamagotchi might seem a tad subdued in the last 90 days, there’s a silver lining. Certain products from this iconic brand are witnessing exponential growth:

This Tamagotchi model has seen its sales skyrocket by a whopping 616% in the past 30 days.

Not to be outdone, the Pac-Man-themed Tamagotchi has experienced a jaw-dropping 900%+ surge in the same timeframe.

This revival proves the enduring charm of the ’90s virtual pet, which might just be the retro treasure many are seeking this holiday season; only time will tell. 

Giga Pet by Top Secret Toys LLC

While the Tamagotchi captured hearts with its iconic pixelated pets, it wasn’t alone in the ’90s digital pet arena. Enter Giga Pets, another pocket-sized sensation that has ’90s enthusiasts buzzing, with unit sales escalating by 66% in the past 90 days. 

Cobalt data points to two recent lucrative periods for these digital darlings: between December 5th and 11th, 2022, and another spike from February 20th to March 19th, 2023. If you’re wondering about their current search popularity, searches for “Gigapet” on Amazon have shot up by a staggering 80% in just the last month.

Among the various Giga Pets making waves:

The Floppy Frog Giga Pet by Top Secret Toys has leaped its way to double its sales, witnessing a 100% surge in the past 30 days.

Yet, outshining the frog is the whimsical Unicorn Giga Pet, which has experienced an incredible 536% sales jump during the same period.

It’s evident that these ’90s virtual companions are not just a fleeting trend but a testament to the ageless charm of simple tech wonders. Watch out; these digital pets might just be the holiday season’s dark horse (or unicorn)!

Furby by Hasbro

After diving into the pixelated worlds of Tamagotchi and Giga Pets, let’s fluff things up with the return of Furby. This summer, Hasbro announced that after a seven-year break from producing Furbies, they are launching a “new generation” of the Furby. 

These furry, big-eyed talking creatures – once global sensations – are commanding attention once again with an impressive comeback on Amazon. Over the past few months, these interactive toys have recorded a staggering 202% increase in unit sales. Cobalt data highlights a surge between May 22 and June 18th, 2023, and their current spike in sales that started October 2nd, 2023. 

Searches for “Furby” have catapulted by an astounding 321% on Amazon in just the last month, and here are a few of the most popular new-generation Furby purchases. 

This vibrant Blue Furby experienced a sales boost of 55% in the past 30 days.

The eye-catching Orange Furby has witnessed a 150% sales increase.


Not to be overshadowed, the Peacock Furby has witnessed a 71% sales surge on Amazon.

With their quirky personalities and interactive features, Furbies are reaffirming their place in the Toys & Games category on Amazon and are likely a top 5 on many Christmas gift lists this holiday season!

Beanie Babies by T.Y.

As we transition from the technological pets of the ’90s, let’s tip our hats to another collectible pet craze that defined a decade: Beanie Babies. These plush toys, available in an array of animals and designs, once commanded long lines and skyrocketing secondary market prices. Today, they’ve taken a page out of Mattel’s brand reinvigoration playbook with the release of The Beanie Bubble movie, and they’re on their way to becoming some of the most desired Christmas gifts on Amazon.

Over the past 90 days, unit sales for these cuddly collectibles have risen by 13%. Historically, the Beanie Babies brand has shown notable sales peaks, specifically between November 29th and December 5th, 2021, and another between December 5th and December 18th, 2022. The momentum doesn’t stop there – searches for “Ty Beanie Babies” on Amazon have surged by 19% in the last month alone.

Spotlighting a few standout Beanie Babies that Amazon consumers are loving:

Quackers The Duck has splashed its way into consumers’ hearts with a 72% increase in sales in the past 30 days.

Zip The Black Cat has pounced on the market, enjoying an 87% sales growth in the past month.

And let’s not forget the charming Inch Worm, which has wiggled its way to a 38% bump in sales recently.

The ’90s collectible sensation proves that nostalgia is a potent force, and Beanie Babies, with their diverse designs and heart-tugging appeal, may just be the perfect stocking stuffer for this holiday season!

Magic 8 Ball by Mattel

From plush collectibles and digital pets, we journey to the mysterious oracle of the ’90s: the Magic 8 Ball. The allure of shaking the sphere, asking a burning question, and awaiting its cryptic response is a timeless thrill, coupling mystery with delightful simplicity.

The numbers are clear, even without shaking our own Magic 8 Ball. Unit sales for this iconic predictor by Mattel have risen by 19% in the past three months. It experienced a significant upsurge in revenue between November 29th and December 5th of 2021. 

While sales have plateaued since that spike, there’s a potential twist in the tale. Given the widespread renaissance of ’90s memorabilia on Amazon, the Magic 8 Ball might just roll its way back to peak popularity this coming December 2023. The anticipation is mirrored by current search trends, which show a robust 62% increase in searches for “Magic 8 Ball” on Amazon over the last month.

Highlighting a specific favorite:

The sales for this particular Magic 8 Ball have seen an impressive growth spurt, with a 48% increase in the past 30 days.

Whether for nostalgic adults or curious new generations, the Magic 8 Ball remains a great gift choice, and we predict (with more certainty than the 8 Ball might offer) that it’s poised for a holiday season comeback.

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Polly Pocket by Mattel

Transitioning from the mystical predictions of the Magic 8 Ball, we dive into the sales data for another popular 90s Mattel product: Polly Pocket. These compact playsets, housing diminutive dolls, once had ’90s kids lost in hours of imaginative play. Now, they’re unfolding their magic for a new generation.

In the expansive Toys & Games category on Amazon, Polly Pocket is making moves to be one of the most popular toys once again. The brand has seen a 6% uptick in unit sales over the past 90 days. True to its category, Polly Pocket exhibits the expected holiday season rush, with prominent sales boosts noted between November 22nd and December 12th, 2021, and a similar trend from November 28th to December 11th, 2022. 

Searches for “Polly Pocket” on Amazon have soared by 85% in just the past month. Let’s zoom into a few of their most popular sets during the same time period: 

The Polly Pocket Friends Set has doubled its sales, marking a 100% increase over the last month. This surge may be reinforced by the unfortunate passing of beloved ‘Friends’ actor Matthew Perry, aka Chandler Bing. Many fans might be reminiscing about their own ’90s memories, intertwining their love for the show with the nostalgic pull of Polly Pocket.

The playful Polly Pocket Dog Wash set is cleaning up with an 89% sales jump in the recent month.

Not to be overshadowed, the Polly Pocket Pineapple Purse has attracted significant attention, boasting a staggering 175% sales leap in the past 30 days.

As the holiday season approaches, Polly Pocket sets are primed to open up worlds of joy for many, echoing the charm of yesteryear while captivating fresh admirers.

Lisa Frank by Lisa Frank Inc. 

The explosion of colors and whimsical designs brought to life by Lisa Frank are still popular among Amazon consumers. Those who grew up in the ’90s will remember these iconic patterns, capturing the essence of youthful joy on stationary, stickers, and more. Today, these iconic designs are making a colorful comeback, inviting both nostalgia and fresh excitement.

Despite a 31% dip in unit sales over the past 90 days, the brand’s history on the platform paints a story of resilience and adaptability. Historically, Lisa Frank has celebrated numerous sales highs, particularly between November 29th and December 12th, 2021, and a surge spanning from late May to early June 2022. Though searches for “Lisa Frank” have slightly decreased by 4% recently, patterns from previous years suggest a potential uptrend around the corner.

Here’s a glimpse into some trending Lisa Frank items:

This Lisa Frank kid’s coloring book is igniting imaginations anew, showcasing a 39% jump in sales over the past 30 days.

But it seems nostalgia reigns supreme, and more adults are using Lisa Frank coloring books than children. Proof of this is in the spectacular 297% sales boost in the last month alone for this adult coloring book

Anticipating the upcoming holiday season, Lisa Frank could mirror its past performance, ramping up sales as we transition into December. 

Lip Smacker by Markwins International

Making a brief segway into the Beauty & Personal Care category on Amazon, we land in the delicious world of Lip Smacker – a lip balm brand that sat proudly in every ’90s kid’s backpack. As Cobalt data shows, they’re not just a blast from the past; they’re rapidly reclaiming a prime position on Amazon, with an impressive 128% uptick in unit sales over the recent 90 days.

In 2021, Lip Smacker recorded a surge in sales between December 6th and 12th. Come 2022, the timeline shifted slightly, peaking between November 21st and December 11th. Any potential reason for the sales spikes in the last two holiday seasons? Well, these flavorful balms make ideal “stocking stuffers.” 

It’s a sentiment that Lip Smacker seems to align with, given the discernible changes in the titles of some of their product listings. 

Searches for “stocking stuffer” surged by 328% on Amazon, and “Lip Smacker” searches enjoyed a healthy 49% rise over the past month. Now, let’s dive into the Lip Smacker flavors winning hearts (and lips) on Amazon:

This Lip Smacker Lip Gloss Pack had a commendable 39% sales boost over the last month.

This 10-piece Lip Smacker set is tantalizing taste buds, offering a nostalgic collection of their hallmark flavors. Its sales trajectory? A robust 72% climb in the last 30 days.

But the true sensation is the vibrant Crayola Lip Smacker Tin, which has sketched a jaw-dropping 957% sales hike over the last month.

With the holidays around the corner, Lip Smacker seems poised to be a favored choice, wrapping nostalgia and flavor in one compact tube that can be perfectly placed in a Christmas stocking.

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Mr. Potato Head by Hasbro

Returning to the Toys & Games category, let’s dive into the Amazon sales data for the iconic Mr. Potato Head. While this customizable toy never truly faded into obscurity because of its starring role in Disney’s Toy Story movies, its remarkable comeback in recent sales is turning heads.

Over the recent 90-day period, unit sales for Mr. Potato Head have sprouted by an impressive 85%. Cobalt’s Market Intelligence paints a vibrant sales picture of Mr. Potato Head’s annual peaks between November 22 and December 19th 2021, and a second bloom from November 28th to December 11th 2022. The increased Amazon searches for “Mr. Potato Head,” which have risen by 49% in the past month, further underline the spud’s ascending appeal on Amazon.

Here’s a peek into the potato patch of recent bestsellers:

Mr. Potato Head with Marvel’s Spiderman accessories is weaving a web of increasing demand, with sales swelling by 44% over the last month.

Let’s not forget about Mr. Potato Head’s wife, Mrs. Potato Head, who is proving to be quite the sensation, boasting a significant 144% sales leap in the same period.

Celebrations are in order for the Potato Head clan! They’ve expanded with the Create Your Own Potato Head Family toy kit by Hasbro. This wholesome family set is cultivating quite the interest, nurturing a 57% sales growth in the past 30 days.

In a market replete with ever-evolving tech toys, the enduring appeal of Mr. Potato Head and his family is a testament to the timeless allure of classic, imaginative play. This toy is sure to be placed under a number of Christmas trees this December. 

Little Tikes by MGA Entertainment Inc.

Little Tikes is a brand that embodies a blend of tradition and innovation and has been synonymous with childhood memories since the ‘60s. Its trajectory truly gained momentum in the ’90s after being acquired by Rubbermaid, when its sales figures touched a staggering $400 million in 1995. Today, under MGA Entertainment Inc., Little Tikes continues to captivate children and parents alike, retaining its legacy while evolving with the times.

In the past 90 days, the brand’s sales have remained nearly unwavering, with only a slight 1% dip in unit sales. The promising sign? A 104% jump in Amazon searches for “Little Tikes” in the last month, hinting at a forthcoming sales upswing.

Two-year historical data also hints at a considerable rise in sales towards the end of November 2023, reminiscent of the boom in sales Little Tikes observed between November 22nd and December 5th, 2021, and November 28th and December 4th, 2022. 

While the overall quarterly sales metrics for the brand might seem stagnant at first glance, a closer look reveals some standouts. A selection of Little Tikes products have experienced significant demand in the last 30 days:

Helping put kids to sleep, the Little Tikes Dream Machine Starter Set has increased sales by 124% in the past month.

This Little Tikes T-Ball Set has been a favorite pick, registering a commendable 113% sales growth in the previous 30 days.

And how could we possibly overlook the iconic Little Tikes Car? A symbol of the ’90s, this classic red and yellow toy car is more than just a plaything—it’s a childhood rite of passage. Every ’90s kid either had this car in their backyard or dreamt of owning one. Delightfully, this classic car is making a triumphant return, boasting a 67% increase in sales over the last 30 days. This surge suggests one thing: many children will be beaming with joy as they receive their very first “car” this Christmas.

Riding the ’90s Trend Wave: An Opportunity for Brands and Retailers on Amazon

It’s clear as day—the ’90s are having a moment, and they’re making their mark on retail in a big way. If you’re a brand or retailer on Amazon, there’s no need to feel left out if you weren’t part of the original Tamagotchi or Furby hype. The nostalgia trend isn’t just about the iconic items from the ’90s but rather the era’s distinctive vibe and allure. In fact, even contemporary brands in the Toys & Games Amazon category are capitalizing on this sentiment by releasing products that encapsulate the ’90s essence.

Case in point:

The ’90s Nostalgia Cards Against Humanity Extender Pack has seen sales jump by 57% in 30 days.

Buffalo Games is catching the wave with their Hella 90s Trivia Game, boasting a 23% sales increase in just 30 days.

Gift Republic’s 90’s Trivia Game has witnessed a 27% sales upswing in the same period.

But the ’90s influence doesn’t stop at games. There’s a vast spectrum of product categories primed for the ’90s touch, ranging from clothing and accessories to home decor and office supplies.

Remember, it’s not just about selling a product; it’s about offering an emotional journey, a reminiscent trip down memory lane, and a feeling of nostalgia. This trend doesn’t just resonate with consumers—it invites them to relive cherished memories and share a slice of their history with the next generation. For brands, it’s an opportune moment, a ticket to heightened sales and engagement, as the ’90s nostalgia trend continues to captivate and flourish in 2024.

About This Report

The product data in this report is representative of the U.S. Amazon market. Market insights on Amazon products were sourced from Jungle Scout Cobalt, an industry-leading market intelligence, advertising optimization, and ecommerce reporting platform powered by nearly 2 billion Amazon data points. 90-day trends data reflects the period of July 31, 2023 – October 28, 2023, compared to May 2, 2023 – July 30, 2023. 30-day trends data reflects the period of Sep 30, 2023 – Oct 30, 2023, compared to Sep 01, 2023 – Sep 29, 2023. 

We encourage you to share, reference, and publish this report’s findings with attribution to “Jungle Scout Cobalt” and a link to this page.

For more information, specific data requests, media assets, or to reach the report’s authors, please contact us at [email protected].


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