The Ultimate Traffic Hack: How To Get Unlimited Free Traffic From Social Media



I know I talk a lot about paid traffic in here. But I actually went from 0-$500/month in affiliate income with only organic (free) traffic.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the exact process that got me my first $500/month in affiliate income in just 45 days.

Strategy: $600/month affiliate income – Giving massive value in groups / Messenger Voice Message Drops

Step 1 – Clean up Facebook profile, and get a professional headshot for profile pic

Step 2 – Set Facebook profile privacy settings wide open

Step 3 – Join a handful of large niche-specific Facebook groups

Step 4 – Consistently give massive value in the groups, and try to offer the first and best solution to people’s business challenges and problems

Step 5 – Accept all friend requests that come in (unless their profile pic is bowl of fruit, they have 6 friends and joined Facebook 3 days ago) – You’ll attract a ton of friend requests, and won’t need to do any spammy cold sales outreach

Step 6 – Within 10 minutes of accepting all friend requests, send the new friend a personalized voice message (I call these ‘Messenger Voice Message Drops’)

Messenger Voice Message Drop (MVMD) Script:

‘Hey {first name}, I just wanted to take a second to reach out to you, and say thanks for connecting. I really appreciate it.. Feel free to hit me up on Messenger anytime, if there’s anything I can ever do for you, or any way I can help you out’

Step 7 – Receive a reply to your MVMD within 24-48 hours (Rarely will you ever get a reply within first 24 hours, but don’t worry that’s normal) thanking you for connecting with them also, and opening to you up about 1 or 2 their biggest business challenges and frustrations)

Step 8 – Spend 5-10 minutes giving even more value on Messenger (through voice messages) without expecting any thing in return (you’ll be able to add a ton of value here very easily, and without spending much of your time, because you’re now communicating in a 1 to 1 context, instead of a one to many context in a group)

Step 9 – Provide an affiliate link as a solution to their business problem if relevant

Step 10 – Send a MVMD once a week or so to stay in touch

Step 11 – Now that there is a relationship built, close sales of multiple affiliates offers related to the first affiliate product you sold them, using voice messages. If they bought ClickFunnels, sell them FunnelU and FunnelScripts) – These additional sales will be incredibly easy to close..

The great thing about this community, is that we have folks at every different stage of the affiliate marketing journey (every level from $0 to 7 figures)

Hopefully, if you’re among the folks trying to get from $0-$500/month, this post gave you value, by showing you a raw, transparent and realistic look at how I did it in roughly 6 weeks








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