Winners and Losers of Google’s Core Update, 2 AI Content Challenges, and a Weird Novel Site


Welcome back to another episode of the Niche Pursuits News podcast, where Spencer Haws and Jared Bauman, of 201 Creative, discuss the latest news and important recent events in digital marketing, SEO, and website creation.

The first news item that Spencer and Jared address this week is the rollout Google core update, which concluded about a week ago. They share some of the key takeaways from Lily Ray’s analysis, one of which was the importance of EEAT and the massive post-update boost to UCG platforms like Reddit and Quora and dictionary-type sites. 

Is this in response to AI-generated content? Will their rankings change over time? And what about the pre-update volatility that many sites experienced? Tune in to hear what Spencer and Jared have to say.

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Moving on, they talk about how tech leaders like Elon Musk and Bill Gates recently met privately with the Senate to discuss how to craft guardrails for AI. This is especially interesting for website owners and content creators because regulations on AI could affect how we create content.

Other news covered in the episode is Google’s announcement that it will no longer be showing how-to results for desktop users. It had previously been removed from mobile search results, along with FAQ results. Spencer and Jared talk about the impact of this move by Google and why they think it was done.

The last news item they touch on this week is an exhaustive State of Digital Marketing report. They talk about the decline in the cost of ads, which is good news for advertisers. On the flip side, RPMs are low, which negatively affects website owners running ads. Will there be a comeback in Q3 and Q4, or is this trend here to stay? Jared and Spencer share their thoughts.   

In the Shiny Object Shenanigans portion of the episode, Spencer shares how he launched 2 new challenges. In the first one, people will build AI sites from scratch and document the process. In the second challenge, people will scale an existing site with AI. 

He created a free community to follow along, and the person in each competition who has the most organic traffic after 6 months (new site challenge) and 3 months (existing site challenge) will walk away with $2,500. 

Jared talks about doubling down on his Amazon Influencer side hustle as we move into Q3 and Q4, making 99 videos in the last week. He also shares his takeaway after looking at his August earnings, which had declined, suggesting that consumers weren’t making large purchases during the month. With 638 videos currently on the platform, Jared is ready to earn some serious money as the year draws to a close.

Then it’s time for Spencer to share his Weird Niche Site. The single-page site he found is getting 2.4 million organic visitors per month, ranks for 30k keywords, and is monetized with display ads: Compress JPEG. Although it seems like a very simple tool and website, Spencer and Jared talk about all the work that goes into creating and ranking it.

Jaren then shares his site: Your Novel, where you can submit your story, have a novel written about you, and get it shipped to your house. The books are available in a wide range of categories and come in hardback, paperback, or ebook formats. Although it doesn’t rank for many keywords or get a lot of traffic, they agree that the website has potential if certain SEO strategies were applied to it, and most of all, it certainly qualifies as weird. 

And that concludes another episode of the latest news in the industry. We hope you feel informed and inspired. See you next week!


Spencer: Hey everyone. Welcome back to the niche pursuits podcast. Today we are doing an episode of this week in niche pursuits news and news there is indeed. You know, as usual, we found three or four topics that we’ll want to cover here that impact digital marketers, niche site creators, the SEO world, and I’ve got my cohost with me, Jared Bauman.

Jared, how are you doing today? Good, 

Jared: good. We had a long list. We could have picked from, I think we had eight or nine topics there to pick from. We had to whittle it away down to just three or four with the time constraints. 

Spencer: Yeah, exactly. And there’s actually one or two of these topics that we could probably spend a whole hour on, you know, we’re going to go into like some industry reports that I’m sure people spent many, many hours putting together, you know, things that we could talk about, but we’re going to just hit on, I think we got four sort of news topics that we’re going to cover that do impact.

I think all the listeners here. And then we’re going to, of course, share our shiny object shenanigans, a couple of shiny prod object projects that we’re working on. And then we’re going to bring it all home with our weird niche sites. Talk about what we found out in the wild on the internet that are interesting, that are making money that are just maybe weird as well.

Yeah. Things people are doing. So that’s what we’re going to do. So let’s jump right into it here. So the first news topic that we were. Are gonna cover. We’ve been talking about the last couple of weeks actually is the Google core update. So the August 2023 Google core update wrapped up, like we said, right when we were recording last week.

Exactly. So it’s been almost one week since the well, exactly one week since the core update finished. And so that’s now been long enough for some analysis to be done. And so Lily Ray is well known in the SEO community, and she wrote a huge blog post about this, and so I’m going to Kind of highlight some of the things that she talked about Because she had some good tidbits of information there things that she had noticed and a lot of the tools that they use to track search impressions and ranking changes Have shown up and so she’s got a whole blog post here That you know People if they want to go read the whole thing they can do that and of course she’s been Tweeting all along the way as well if people want to follow her on Twitter She kind of talks.

She she starts this off by talking about eeat and just How Google has been talking about the importance of experience recently and how important that is for websites And so some of the analysis here is okay. Did that really come into play? In the August core update, did, did Google really put an emphasis on the, this experience that perhaps a website should be trying to show for their website for their content?

And I think the answer is yes, but let’s, let’s jump into some of these. I, we should say that when we’re talking about this. They only looked at 500 domains. And so this report is based on 500 domains and you can see all the different categories, right? Business and finance dictionary, which I thought that was interesting.

There’s 28 websites in the dictionary space that comprise these 500. I don’t know why that’s so important. But you know, e commerce, education, gaming, government, 68 websites news, real estate and review is 39. So there is a nice, chunk, almost 10 percent is probably closer to this affiliate type stuff.

Although a lot of these, right, would, would kind of be in the sort of niche ball game, but that’s just the types of categories that, that they’re covering here. So the winners and losers of the August, 2023 core update, a couple of the big winners were more like. Well, reddit. com was a huge one, and I think, and yeah, Quora was also a, yeah, was another one.

So there’s, there’s a few on here, Twitter there’s definitely a few that are like user generated content websites, which was a big takeaway for me is like Reddit. People gravitate towards that because they’re getting real reviews from real people. It’s a forum where, you know, it’s not all AI generated, right?

So, so that’s kind of the first takeaway that I saw. Anything else that you noticed from sort of the winners here, Jared? No, 

Jared: and I, I tweeted about the same thing yesterday. Where it’s, often times we’ll read these reports. I, I always read them. And you’ll be like, oh, dictionary sites did well. Oh, okay, you know, like, high DR sites did well.

But you go doing about your daily life and you do your searches and it doesn’t really, it’s not saying that you see as much of an impact on, but reading this report, I’ve already been seen almost every query I have now since this update has both a Reddit and a Quora result in the top 10. And so this growth by Reddit and Quora is extremely felt.

And I mean, it’s really interesting. I’d actually, I want to ask you what you think. Like is. I’m just curious, but do you think that Google giving so much additional weight and exposure to Reddit, which is user generated content, Quora, which is user generated content, Twitter, which is user generated content, et cetera, is that best response to AI?

They’re like, well, we don’t really know what AI is and what it isn’t, so what we do know… Is that Reddit’s probably not AI, so we’ll just prioritize it, etc. Like, is that their response? Is that what we’re seeing here? 

Spencer: That’s interesting. Maybe. Of course, Google doesn’t really, you know, pick and choose winners, right?

They, they tweak their algorithms and, and sort of see what rises to the top. So whatever tweak they made whatever Reddit is doing that designates or makes it clear to machines that, hey, there’s more. real human interaction here. Like that’s kind of rising to the top. I don’t know if it’s human interaction per se as like it clearly is, you know, user generated content not written by AI.

So it feels like they, they turned the dial to, to make that tweak. It certainly feels that way. Is that a response to AI? I mean, I don’t know. I, I haven’t seen any huge studies that show that AI content was just. Crushed in the update or anything like that. So I wouldn’t go that far per se other than it’s clearly interesting I mean reddit percent change of 64 percent Well or an absolute change of 98 91 percent, right?

Fascinating It’s interesting 

Jared: because it, it’s almost like there’s a battle between what Google wants going on. They, they said they don’t mind AI content to be clear, but, you know, at the same time, we know that they’re trying to surface real results in the search engine and this sort of stuff. They want you to be an expert, and they want you to have experience.

These are the two E’s in the EEAT. Well, when I read something on ex on Reddit, I don’t really feel like I’m getting an expert opinion. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing on my website, building the expertise, topical authority. Links, just all this stuff that showcases I am an expert. Yet, Reddit certainly has a lot of, you know, user generated, does allude to the experience side of things.

So, I don’t know, we could nerd out on it for a while, or, well, at least I could. But it’s interesting to think through, like, the complexities of how they’re managing this EEAT mantra. And where the user generated sites fit in, in an AI world. And how it’s gonna play itself out, you know. We’ve seen Reddit rise in past updates, and then drop.

So, to be clear. We saw this, I think, two years ago, and they dropped back in the next update and stuff. So, this and the dictionary sites, which are also listed as rising, are often going up and down in bulk in these kind of updates. 

Spencer: Yeah, it’s really interesting that dictionary sites would see such an increase in traffic.

I always feel like they are just ripe for AI takeover, right? Like, what does this word mean? Like the AI already knows all of that, but so that’s interesting is that does that alleviate some concern that like your website’s just going to be crushed by AI? Cause Google has been rolling out the search generative experience and I would think that definitions and some of these things that dictionaries rank well for are covered by SGE, but it, it looks like they, they saw a big boost.

So I don’t know what that means. 

Jared: It feels like. You know we talked about it recently, like a MapQuest. How are, you know, they got killed off by Google Maps. And weather apps got killed off by just showing the weather in the search results. And, you know, why we still have dictionary sites. Lot to be explored there.

But yeah, they rose. They rose big time. So hey, one thing is a little bit off topic. But one thing that was in Lily’s report there that I also wanted to ask you about. And I think that this might share some of the feelings people had. Like, did you notice how big, how much more volatility there was in the SERPs prior to the update being launched?

And in comparison to actually the entire two and a half week update that they had. 

Spencer: Right, I think she’s got a chart for that, doesn’t she? She does, yeah. Somewhere. Somewhere along here. There’s a lot here. Oh, and then there’s a couple other things. But yeah, I did, I did find that interesting. And I know that what I noticed, I don’t know if I’ll find the exact chart.

But what I noticed with my own sites is that the first week of the update was very volatile. And then it seemed like the, the, the second week was, was less so kind of made some corrections that the first week, right. It’s like I saw kind of a dip in the first week and then it kind of came back to, to where it was after that.

Jared: Yeah, her chart showed huge volatility swings. And I think it’s up a little bit for you there, if you go up. Yeah. Oh, no, you’re at the top now. Yeah, boy, it’s a long article, folks, if you’re, it’s somewhere. It’s somewhere in there. But it showed a a massive spike at the end of July. And that kind of mimics a bit of what I was seeing with my site.

One of my sites ended up going up in the algorithm update. If you just look at the algorithm update, it was flat, right? Because it went up at the end of July. And then stayed and maintained and held those rankings throughout the whole update and still where it was at the end of July. So it’s very interesting.

You might, if you’re evaluating the update on your own, and the reason I brought it up is you might say, Oh, the update started on whatever it was, August 7th. I’ll start looking at it there. You might actually want to rewind back into July because the, the update kind of, a lot of people saw a lot of volatility in the week leading up to it.

And so you might want to look at like maybe a data set from early July and compare where you’re at now. 

Spencer: Yeah. So a couple of the other charts that I did want to point out, I mean, already mentioned that Reddit and user generated content sites had a huge spike. Here’s her, her chart here that you can see, right?

This just massive jump in visibility. The visibility index, which doesn’t, doesn’t necessarily mean traffic from Google, but it, it’s correlated, right? So they certainly are seeing more, more traffic, but huge visibility increase for Reddit and user generated content sites. And then the other one that we’ve talked about a little bit is Parasite SEO, right?

These Parasite SEO sites, in particular, OutlookIndia. com has been sort of… Everybody talking about on Twitter, at least. These are sites that accept guest posts essentially, or sponsored posts and have a lot of authority. So you might write an article that can rank really quick on Outlook India and then you insert your own affiliate links and you make commissions or link to other sites that you want to.

And they’ve seen rapid increase over the last few months this year. But then a huge drop with the update. So that is very interesting. And I would actually say encouraging because nobody wants to have just these sites that get tons of traffic just because they’re an authoritative domain. And that’s all that Outlook India is.

It’s an authoritative domain, but everybody’s. Publishing, honestly, probably trash content, just hoping that they rank quickly and, and make a buck. So I would say it’s nice to see this drop in visibility for that particular site. I think we can all 

Jared: agree that the algorithm is getting it right when it comes to that.

There’s no reason Outlook India should be ranking for the, you know, as the Jackie Chow example that he’s been publishing on Twitter, the best VPN in Canada. 

Spencer: Yeah, yep, exactly. And then just maybe the last thing is She points out a site, Garage Gym Reviews. Dot com where they are a review website.

So an affiliate website, but they clearly do a good job of showing that they’ve handled the product, they’ve reviewed the product, they’re in the photos, they have videos, right? And so they have that firsthand experience. And it clearly shows that. They’re, they’re doing well that they, they got a nice bump in traffic.

I think it’s right here. Garage, Jim reviews. com had a percent change of 79%. Almost 80% increase in I don’t know if it’s visibility. Probably visibility is what it was. So if you’re looking for an example site that you can go look at for how they’re showing their firsthand experience. Go check out garagegemreviews.

com, they saw a huge bump in in traffic. 

Jared: I know that site very well. We I don’t work on that site, just to be clear, but… I have a client and we look at that site a lot because they’re in the same space. So it’s a very well done site. Very good example. Yeah, 

Spencer: there you go. Anything else you want to say about the update?

I think that hits the high level points that, that she makes and that I wanted to cover. 

Jared: Yeah, I mean, in general, she commented on it and I haven’t seen as much of this, but she said review, product review sites are down. And you know, so I haven’t dove into that myself. We talked about that side of it a lot last week.

So I think that if you want to hear our thoughts on that in order to kind of stay on target for timing today, you can reference last week’s episode where we really did a little bit more of a deep dive on what the niche website community was might have been experiencing from the update. 

Spencer: Yeah. Not very good.

So there is lots of other news topics. We got a few more here. So in more general news, almost sort of national news, if you will just was it yesterday, I believe that Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and other tech leaders held a closed meeting with Senate with the Senate to talk about AI and all the issues surrounding artificial intelligence just to talk openly about what sort of regulations or guardrails need to be put in place to make sure that AI is handled properly by the government and by tech companies and everybody else that’s involved.

And so, it’s interesting for, of course, us, bloggers and SEOs, just because, you know, Boy, if there is some sort of regulations that come out that impact either the tools we’re using, or what sorts of technologies are able to be used and utilized, right, that could change the trajectory of how we create content potentially.

So, it’s something to keep an eye on you know, just that all of these… Tech leaders, I guess that’s the best phrase, met together. You know, the CEO of Google all the others that I mentioned formal Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, and, and many others here. We’ve got a list, OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, you know, met together.

They’re talking about it with senators. So we’ll see what comes down the pipeline from that. Interesting 

Jared: they, well, not that interesting I guess, or interesting but hey look at it, they seem to all have very different takes on it. You know Musk was saying that, you know, basically in a nutshell he thinks it should be regulated.

Zuckerberg was saying in a nutshell he doesn’t think it should be regulated. Reference their history there to probably know why they disagreed on that. You know we had Google kind of taking a little bit more of a middle of the road stance, saying that they already have regulations for this stuff.

So just interesting to kind of, you know, again, one of those things where if you’re looking for something to read, to really understand where AI is, is taking its, its, its role and center stage in, in, in kind of the nation, at least with the U. S. It’s a interesting article. 

Spencer: Yeah, exactly. And so you know, Chuck Schumer, just, I like this quote here.

If you go too fast, you could ruin things. And I think that’s the sort of standard operating procedure for government is don’t go fast, right? They’re the opposite of tech companies, right? Don’t, don’t go too fast, go slow, take years and years, but so I’m sure it’ll be a happy medium somewhere, somewhere along the way.

Exactly. So yeah, that’s, that’s, you know, going on. I mean, it’s. It’s in the news. It is at the forefront of the government. And so, yeah, it’s something to keep an eye on as well. Just 

Jared: a question. This is unrelated to anything, but if it’s a closed session, why do we know so much about it? 

Spencer: Good, good question.

I guess it wasn’t. It wasn’t that closed. It wasn’t top secret. Maybe there’s different levels here. It must be. It wasn’t a top secret meeting. 

Jared: I’ve been an entrepreneur too long. I don’t even know much about what a closed session really is, I guess. 

Spencer: You weren’t invited, Jared. That’s, that’s all we know. That we know.

Yep, you’re right. When they start inviting us now, that, that will make a news item here on the podcast. 

Jared: I think our our weekly news podcast episode, we’ll, we’ll get some good, get some good view numbers that week. That’s right. That’s right. When we’re in the room. Spencer goes before 

Spencer: Congress. I like it.

I like it. Get dust off my suits. I’ll be ready to go. 

Jared: Oh man, I’d have to really dust one of mine 

Spencer: off. Yeah, get out of these shorts, you know. You’re wearing shorts? Absolutely. I wear shorts all year round, if I can. 

Jared: We’re lucky if I get me on a podcast with pants on in 

Spencer: general. All right. All right. This is this is the news for niche pursuits listeners that they want to hear.

I can’t. I can’t. This is our wardrobe, right? So next up here I think this is maybe another short one but news item nonetheless, specifically for SEO. Google. Search stops showing how to rich results on desktop. Okay, so about a month ago, Google did come out with an update, and I think we covered this.

We did. It’s 

Jared: part of the FAQ snippet rich result update as well. 

Spencer: Exactly. Yeah, and so Google had written a blog post that they’re going to reduce the visibility for how to and FAQ. Snippets results. And at the time it was for mobile results only. They were kind of removing that and only desktop was gonna show the How to Rich results.

They updated their blog post as of September 13th saying it, Google search no longer shows how to rich results on desktops, which means this result type is now deprecated. It’s gone. It’s, it’s off mobile. It’s off desktop. You’re no longer going to see the how to and FAQ results. 

Jared: They got what they needed out of us.

Thank you, machine learning. 

Spencer: There you go. Now it’s in s g E results. 

Jared: Yep. Now it’s all in S G S G E. We don’t need you to mark it up anymore. We’re smart enough to just take it on our own 

Spencer: accord. Yeah. You know, that’s, that’s probably the reality of it. 

Jared: Right. I, I know I’m sharing a, a generally held theory that is nothing more than theory, but I happen to buy into it pretty much 

Spencer: Well, I, I mean that’s, that’s Google’s very open business model, right.

Is to scrape the internet and, and share it. I mean, that’s what they do. So they have scraped our content once again, and now they’re holding it as their own again. 

Jared: Poetic word choice. Share. That’s such a poetic word choice. Share. It’s 

Spencer: good. It’s good. Right. Yeah, they didn’t steal our content. Of course scraped isn’t a very friendly term either.


Jared: That more accurately depicts how I feel about it, but. 

Spencer: I mean, that’s exactly what happened. But, you know, we all have the option to noindex, you know, to tell the Googlebot to stop. Scraping our content, but here we are more 

Jared: right all’s fair in love and war. 

Spencer: Yep. We’re suckers. We’re giving it to them 

Jared: Yeah, I think this came as a surprise.

I think that they originally announced how to snippets rich results were only gonna be desktop removed on desktop and You know, we made a big deal about the FAQ stuff. I think At least in our space, we probably all took more advantage of FAQs rich results and FAQ markup than we did how to, at least for the people I talked to and my own use, but nonetheless, you know, this is a certainly if you made use of it and if you got traffic from it, it’s going to be gone.

And obviously as a result, no longer will be reported on it in Google search console. 

Spencer: Yeah, and it’s kind of interesting. I mean, this is a tweet by Brody Clark of Brody SEO here, where he shares this chart from Rank Ranger, and I mean, it really is a pretty big deal when you look at, I mean, gosh, the percent of queries was like 10 to almost 15 percent included FAQ and how to snippets Now it’s zero, right?

And so, I didn’t realize it was that high. I didn’t either. If I’m honest. That 10 percent of queries were sort of still. I guess, maybe over the last few months, I haven’t seen it as much because I’m using the SGE. You know, that’s what Google shows me. And so I don’t think I’ve been seeing these for a few months already.

It’s up to 10 percent of all the queries are now, you know, no longer. in that format, so. Alright, very good. Let’s see here, we have one other news topic I believe here to talk about. And this is one of those that I mentioned that is, is a huge report. We could probably spend a whole hour talking about this.

But we’re gonna just kinda give you some of the highlights. Basically AdRoll Dot com came out with a state of digital marketing report, right? And so it’s what’s happened to ad rates, what’s happened to, you know, all of these things associated with the number of advertisers and how much people are spending and how that compares to previous quarters and previous years.

Right? So here’s some of the highlights. 2023. Quarter three is that a decrease of 49% in advertising costs. So C p M is down 49% and this is comparing the previous year. Okay, so Q two of 2022 versus this quarter, the previous quarter, quarter two of 2023. So that’s a big one down 49% C P M, and then 8% increase in website visitors.

More traffic on the internet, I suppose. And then a 13 percent increase in conversion events. So sales, I guess. People are still buying lots of stuff online. And so they, I guess they are calling this like prime day for advertisers because things are on a discount, right? So if you’re Yeah, people are still buying.

Jared: They’re just, it’s just cheap to get in front of them right now. 

Spencer: Exactly. So if you run an e commerce store, if you run ads of any kind your costs are, are down by as much as 49% compared to last year. So that’s a great thing for advertisers, but on the other side, Jared, is there another side to that coin?

Jared: If you’ve been wondering why your RPMs are so low for your ads on your site, i. e. Maybe your ad earnings through Raptive Ad Thrive or Mediavine or Ezoic. Well, this is why. The reason CPMs are so low is because there’s a lot less dollars going into advertising. Businesses are spending a lot less on advertising, so they don’t have to pay as much because the competition for ad spots is lower, driving CPM costs down.

Reference your first day of Econ 101 class with supply and demand. And so that, but that’s why RPMs are low and have been low all year. Granted, they were really low in like January, February. They feel like they’ve kind of bounced back a bit, but they’re still significantly lower than last year. And you know, a lot of this has to do with economy, inflation, interest rates, all that stuff.

But I think the big question they pose and the big question I have is, Hey, let’s be honest with ads. We all make most of our money in Q3 and Q4 anyways. How much of a rebound are we going to get, if at 

Spencer: all? Right. Yeah, I think you touched on some good points there. Just, there’s, there’s uncertainty around the economy, and so there’s uncertainty around some, some business models that are out there.

People are kind of taking a wait and see approach. I know there’s been a ton of layoffs. Tech layoffs, you know, that you’ve heard about, you know, over the last year or so. And there’s a lot of other companies that are kind of in this like, okay, is the economy good? Is it bad? Do we spend money? Do we save money?

And I think that’s kind of what we’re seeing a little bit of trepidation around spending all their advertising dollars. And. I think you nailed it when you said Q3 and Q4 is going to be the real big tail. Our company is going to pull out the wallet and say, Okay, you know what? Q3, Q4 is always big.

Let’s make it big, so let’s spend a little bit more. Make sure we get that, you know, that overall revenue coming in. And if that’s the case, then us as display ad, you know, website owners we’ll see that bump in RPMs and hopefully make a little bit more money ourselves. 

Jared: And if you are running an e com business, maybe a SaaS product might be a good time to take advantage of the fact that it does appear from this data.

People are converting really well online, up, I think you said, 13%, and ad costs are cut in half this year. Might be a good time to, if you have some extra cash, to put towards that, to put to put money into advertising this year to get your product in front of more 

Spencer: people. Yeah, absolutely. And just one quote here from the president of AdRoll.

He says, although indicators suggest the global economy may be finally on an upswing, consumers are still very hesitant to spend. Advertisers should leverage this period when advertising costs are low to reach out to high value consumers who may be different from those prior to the pandemic. They should then develop marketing campaigns to generate brand awareness and loyalty.

Loyalty that can carry through to maximize revenues during what’s predicted to be a 1. 328 trillion holiday shopping season of 2023. That sounds like a big number. I was going to say, 

Jared: I have no idea how that compares to the year prior, but it’s a big number. 

Spencer: There’s a lot of money out there. People are going to be spending big time, hopefully.

And so, yeah, you know, buckle up. I think it could be an interesting sort of final quarter of the year 

Jared: here. Hey, I’m hoping for the best when it comes to those RPMs and you know let’s be honest, I think to close on this, at least from my standpoint, like last year was a banner year in terms of RPMs.

They were high all year and Q4 was extra high even compared to years prior. So while tough to stomach this year when you actually look at how it compares to maybe two and three years ago, or even back to 2019 before, you know, pre pandemic type RPMs. It’s not as bad as the charts look when you just compare it to last year.

Spencer: Yeah, exactly. And then just this chart to kind of drive the point home of that. Hey, Q4 is always higher. You know, you can see the previous four years here where, yeah, Q4 always sees a, a nice bump in CPMs or RPMs, you know, for us. So, but yeah, if people want to check it out, AdRoll’s got an entire industry report here that you can read through and study and maybe gain some other insights that we didn’t mention.

All right. Very good. So let’s jump into our next segment of the podcast here, where we are going to talk about our shiny object shenanigans, our side hustle projects that we’ve been working on things that maybe aren’t our main business, but still, nonetheless, are a lot of fun and we’re spending a little bit of time on hoping to grow.

So I’ll go first here. This is a one that I talked about last week a little bit. I’m going to talk. about more here because it finally did happen. I went ahead and I launched a brand new challenge. Not one, but actually two challenges related to artificial intelligence and growing websites. So, the first challenge that I started is that I am going to give away 2, 500 to the person that can start a new site and grow it.

The most over a period of six months out of, out of all the challengers, right? And so I’m hoping to get dozens of people to put their hat in the ring to build a site. It needs to be a brand new site. They need to use artificial intelligence to grow that site. Outside of it, that I’m not setting a lot of rules.

Do it how you want, you know, go in mass. Or, edit your articles a little bit better and maybe make them more valuable. Let’s see who wins. And so I’m gonna judge that based on organic traffic. Essentially in the last month, the sixth month that the site is there. And then I’m gonna award a prize.

And, of course, I’m gonna be telling the story and sharing everything along the way. Sort of case study results. And in fact, I created a whole community forum for this. It’s at community. nichepursuits. com. And then the second challenge is very similar, but it’s for anybody that has an existing website that they would like to scale and grow using artificial intelligence content.

And so basically I’m going to measure only the new content added to the website. After the challenge starts. So essentially after this month and how much that new content grows, right? And so if you have an existing website, you don’t want to start something new, but you’ve got an existing site.

You’d like to throw your hat in the ring. I am also offering 2, 500 to the winner of that challenge. So 5, 000 total between the two different challenges. I’m giving, and I will simply say that there is a lot of interest surrounding this already. I’m leaving the, what I’m calling application period, although really it’s, Hey, if you submit a two minute video and say you’re in, you’re in.

Okay, so you just gotta say you’re doing it to do it. I have two dozen people, I think it was 24 exactly people so far on the first challenge. And about 10 people on the second one. I expect that to more than double over the next couple of days here. I’m gonna leave it open until next Wednesday. So, so that’s my side hustle if you will.

I’m, I’m rallying the troops. We’re gonna do this challenge, this competition. See how content produced by artificial intelligence does. And we’re gonna document and share the results all along the way. 

Jared: A couple questions for you if you don’t mind. Although first off, let’s comment and address the fact that if you want Someone to campaign for your upcoming campaign.

Clearly I’m not the person because I did check. And my vote didn’t carry much weight last week for the the Amazon flat, the flatbed 

Spencer: of stuff. The pallets yeah, yeah. I’m 

Jared: sorry. Didn’t much, I gotta be honest with you. 

Spencer: The podcast listeners did not agree. No, no. And they did not vote en masse. No, my, 

Jared: My, my, my ringing endorsement did not help.

But all joking aside. Now, did you say the time frame? This is only three months. Is that what I heard you say? 

Spencer: So the first one, building a new site, is six 

Jared: months. Six months. Okay, six months to build a site and get it off the ground. 

Spencer: That’s right. Okay, that’s 

Jared: pretty fast. Are you allowed to bring like an age domain in or is it all fresh 

Spencer: domains?

You have rules on that? No, no age domain. You must bring a fresh domain. So, I don’t expect traffic to be off the charts. I know these sites are going to really just be starting that curve. And that’s okay. It’s going to be fun to watch. So six months for that one. Three months for the second one.

Existing sites, you know, that, that maybe are very authoritative, right? That you just throw a thousand articles at it and we see what happens. So yeah. Can I do other 

Jared: things? Can I build links? Can I… 

Spencer: Yeah, yeah, it’s, you can build links, you can, I’ve had people ask, can I hire people to help? Yes. Is, You can do whatever you want.

If you want to invest your life savings on this project, you know, go for it. There’s 

Jared: a 2, 500 prize 

Spencer: at the end of this. That’s right. But yeah, there’s, there’s not a lot of rules. I mean, you can’t buy traffic. I’m, I’m going to have access in order to win, I need to be given access to Google analytics and Google search console so I can verify traffic sources, see if there’s anything weird going on just to verify.

But yeah, yeah, there’s, there’s a couple of other little rules that the people can check out, but, but nothing super complicated outside of that. 

Jared: If I win, do I have to reveal the site? 

Spencer: You do not need to reveal the site publicly. You need to reveal it to me. Yes. I would love it if somebody is willing to reveal their site, but I need to know what it is I need to verify.

And then I’ll vouch you know, to the community that, Hey, I really saw the site. You’re 

Jared: not giving away all that hard earned Amazon influencer cash without verifying. 

Spencer: That’s exactly right. I’ve worked hard for this you know, 2, 500 bucks. So but yeah, it’s, it’s super exciting. 

Jared: I like how you spaced it out.

So we’ll get kind of some results in three months and then we’ll get some results in six months. And it’s kind of nice. We’ve talked about how this relates to niche site projects. You’ve done the past one, two, three and four. But I mean, niche site project four is what a two year journey. It was, so, you know, this has some quicker results.

I like that, you know, we get to get some feedback sooner, you know, that doesn’t run with the niche site projects, but this one will have a quicker feedback loop. 

Spencer: It will indeed. And what I think will be exciting is that within the community, I’m going to require all the participants every month to post updates, right?

Screenshots, updates, you know, traffic stats, that sort of thing. And so people that want to follow along will be getting You know, feedback or information each and every month so you can start to see early on, Oh, this is, this is working after a few months. Hopefully you’ll, you’ll see, Oh, that’s a strategy that could work well.

So yeah, it should be a lot of fun. If people want to follow along again, just go over to community dot niche pursuits dot com. You can. It’s pretty easy. You’ll figure out how to join if you want to participate. There’s a, there’s a forum discussion in there and, and you can join. You have until the 20th of September.

So that’s six days, five days from now, if you want to join. 

Jared: Man, that’s exciting. I feel like I have enough shiny objects, so I will not be joining. But I wish all the contestants good luck. 

Spencer: Thank you very much. Well, you would win anyways, Jared, so we’re all glad you’re not doing it. 

Jared: I don’t know about that.

I don’t know about that. I I, well, yeah, we’ll leave all my… All my musing’s out of it, but yeah, I don’t know, I think I’d… I’d I think you have some, probably have some pretty good people in there already if you already have 24 

Spencer: people. Yeah, there actually are. People should watch the videos. It’s cool to kind of see that, hey, it’s just you know, a mom in Texas is wanting to do it.

And then there’s, you know, somebody in the Philippines that wants to do it and somebody in Germany and, you know, all over the world. People from all different, yeah, I’m, I’m a, I’m a diehard SEO to, yeah, I’m a stay at home mom and I just want to try this. Never done it. It’s kind of cool. It should be fun to watch.

That’s so cool. 

Jared: Good, good, exciting. Well, good, good stuff. 

Spencer: Alright, what do you got going on? 

Jared: Well, let’s be honest. I’m probably going to be focusing most of my updates on Amazon Influencer through Q4. I sat down, I was getting such a hard time from people about how many side hustles I have. I actually sat down last week, I think it was Friday, and just kind of looked at everything and thought, Okay, like, I gotta, I gotta get my ship in order here, you know?

And I, yeah, you know, Amazon Influencer does seem like the right place to put the side hustle effort at least into Q4 because of what we know happens on Amazon. And Amazon becomes such Q4.

And so I, I, I kind of decided to redouble my efforts into that Amazon Influencer program. But, you know, trying to do the balancing act. And I feel like every entrepreneur I talk with, it’s, this is what the balancing act is, right? How much time do I put into a new idea? Something that’s brand new.

But, with all that being said… I did go a little nuts on recording this week again, not like two weeks ago where I think I hit 135 videos in one week and I spent over 10 hours and that sort of thing, but I hit, I’m kind of bummed. I pulled the numbers right before we started. I hit 99 videos. If I had known, I would have done 

Spencer: one more.

99, that is a lot of work. That’s a lot of videos. 

Jared: 99 videos, but I’m down to, I mean, I’ve just got the process really well dialed in. I’m doing about, 10 to 12 every 30 to 40 minutes, you know, just really doing a better job of that. So, you know, again, not going to do 99 every week, but you know, September hit on the back of a really, a really bad August month, where earnings were down, clicks weren’t down too much, which I want to explain a little bit here in a little bit, but September has been doing very well, and who knows, that could change, but certainly the first, what are we at, two weeks into September, it’s doing really well and so hopefully a ramp up into the next year.

Now, I did go through the results from August, In terms of the earnings, but the numbers behind the earnings, cause you and I both had lower months. I thought, you know, you want to hear some of the findings I had. I mean, I’d be happy to share those and kind of discuss them. I haven’t told you about this yet.

I just kind of figured this stuff out. So earnings, and I think people might be interested in hearing this. I’ll tell you why at the end, I’ll, I’ll keep it quick, but earnings were down 26%. And so I wanted to know, like, why is that? We don’t get much data, but can I figure out why earnings were down? Is it that they’re not showing videos as much?

Is it that my videos aren’t performing very well? Are my topics not good? Is it very, is it seasonal? Like, what is it? Well, Earnings are down 26%. The, the, basically the number of orders from my videos was only down about 13 or 14%. So what that means is yes, orders were down. But the part of the result of the revenue being down is because people just weren’t ordering as expensive of stuff during the month of August.

And then when I looked at the number of clicks from my videos, the number of people that watched my video and then clicked to buy the product, it was only down by like 7%. So, in other words, August seems to have been a low period for people buying stuff on Amazon. It looks like the number of videos that people watched and then clicked forward on was almost the same as in the previous month.

And I think that’s encouraging for what we know is Q4 coming and when people tend to open their wallets and spend a lot more money. So it’s not as much volatility in what, in the shoppable videos being shown, but the volatility is really more in what people are spending during the month of August.

Spencer: Right. Weren’t making as many large purchases for whatever reason. End of summer, right? So that, I would call that encouraging. I like that analysis. Yeah, that’s what I 

Jared: thought. Thought I’d share that. You know, I get a lot of people saying like, Oh, earnings are down, you know, is a, is a program dying? I think it’s more just the, the seasonal fluctuations of August being a month where it’s still summertime.

People going back to school. We didn’t have a prime day or prime days like we did in July. I know for a lot of affiliate sites, spending is down. Earnings are down in the summer. People kind of come back and start buying. So we’ll see, but yeah. 99 more videos. So that brings me up to, let me get the actual number here.

And I, again, Spencer, I gotta know, am I beating you? Cause you know, we have a competition to get to a thousand. We never really wagered. 

Spencer: I don’t, I don’t think we finalized, yeah, that, that, that, that, that wager. But, you might 

Jared: find another way out of it after I, I’m up to 638 now. 638 

Spencer: videos. Dang. So, those, those videos that you recorded, is it still you?

You did 99 videos this week. Wow. You’re a hustler, man. 

Jared: Not gonna do that every week. Not gonna do that every week, but, 

Spencer: 600 and what, did you say? 638. I don’t think I’m gonna catch you. I’m at 513. Which is 

Jared: still a nice six people and brought him to your house. I don’t know this, this runway might, you might have this, like, you know, the, the, the curve of the, the, the, what do they call it?

The exponential curve of growth versus the linear curve of growth. We might see, 

Spencer: I w I would hope, I don’t think that’s going to happen. They’re not recording 99 videos. I don’t have a superstar like, you know, you, so anyways, that’s where I’m at. I 

Jared: will say, Spencer, I’m going to dip my toe into the hiring, I think in terms of like, you know, I, I did noodle on the idea.

But nothing really big to report, but I, I, I do think long term that’s probably the way that’s probably gonna be the way I go. 

Spencer: So, you know, yeah, you’re, you’re probably taking the smarter approach. I will just say in terms of like truly bootstrapping, right? Like do the work yourself. Get the business to a point where it’s making a few thousand dollars a month.

And then take, you know, most of that money, or, or all of it, or half of it, whatever you want, and hire, and, and grow the business that way. Free up half your time, and, and grow it. That’s probably the smart way, and that’s traditionally how I have done things. But I’m just trying to spend all my money this year, I guess.

And including giving away prizes, hiring for Amazon. So, so I just spent without me you know, recording all the videos myself. 

Jared: No, I think it’s good. I think I, I do like your strategy and it’s fun, I think for everybody listening, they can kind of see two different approaches at the same time. So, you know, we’ll have to see how Q4 goes and, and all that.


Spencer: I think it’s going to be big. I think it’s going to be big. 

Jared: Yeah. I mean, I, I’d hate to try to make some sort of projection. I mean, I don’t know. Do you have any hopes of what, of what a month might look like maybe? 

Spencer: I don’t know. I mean, I, I would think double what I’m doing, you know, in September would, would be nice.

You know, come, come November, December, right? And we 

Jared: should ask at some, we should get an update here. After the Q4 season, we should try to go back out and talk to people like Matt and Thomas, who we had on the podcast, seasoned experts, people, not, not you and I, not testing us out. People who have experience, years and years of experience on it, see what they end up doing during Q4.

So people can really get an idea for what’s possible if you if you’re, if you really knuckle down on it. 

Spencer: Yeah, that just reminded me of somebody that I know recently that has something like 7, 000 or 8, 000 videos on the Amazon Influencer Program. We need to have him on the podcast. He was one, he’s one that would say yes.

So, I’ll have my people talk to your people. Yeah, yeah. Let’s see if we can make that happen. But he would have some, some great insights. Oh. Because he’s been doing it a long time. Yeah. As well. Yeah. Quite a while. And he doesn’t. See 

Jared: Put my 99 videos to shame. 

Spencer: Yes. And he does all the videos himself, all the videos himself.

And so he has a very good process. I talked to him recently, I think so, and maybe so that’s right. That’s right. But this, that is his main thing is he does videos. He has a YouTube channel and Amazon influencer and he cranks out a lot of videos. So how much, I mean, do you have any idea 

Jared: how much he’s making a month?

Spencer: I, I. I don’t want to say. I don’t know for sure. I, I could, I could guesstimate, but he hasn’t told me exactly, but it’s, it’s, it’s probably a very healthy, you know, it’s a, he can support his whole family and he’s doing well. Good for him. So, yeah, absolutely. So, all right. Well, good. Let’s let’s jump into our, Weird niche sites here.

Each of us have a a weird niche site that we’ve found. I’ll go ahead and go first here. This is one that maybe is less weird. I tend to sway between, okay, this is just a really weird kind of funny website, to like, here’s a website that’s doing really well, probably making a lot of money that’s slightly different than our normal blog or niche website.

And so, that’s the latter here for today. This is a website, I’ll tease it, like I like to do, that is getting 2. 4. million visitors a month via organic sources, according to Ahrefs, and getting nearly 3 million visitors, I guess it’s 2. 7 million total visitors a month, according to SimilarWeb. And the website is compressjpeg dot com, compress jpeg dot com.

So if I share this for our video watchers, they can see this website and it does exactly like you might think it would do with the name compressed jpeg is you simply upload your file here, whether that’s a jpeg, png, gif, pdf you upload your file and it’s going to reduce the size of that, right?

It’s going to compress that for you. And you can do multiple images at once and get it spit out as a zip file. But that’s, I mean, that’s the main function of the website. Even just looking at this very quickly, I really don’t see any other pages on the site other than the terms and privacy.

Oh, and that’s even just a modal 

Jared: pop up here. It’s a mod, it’s a, it’s a, yeah, it’s a lightbox, basically. Lightbox, mm hmm. By the way, they’re at a lot, yeah. 

Spencer: Oh, okay. Well, there you go. Helps anybody, 

Jared: but yeah. 

Spencer: And you know, they’re clearly monetized with display ads. I see at least three, four, four, you at five.

Anyways, five or six ad units. All right here on the homepage. You can select your language all, yeah, exactly. Right. But at.

Ahrefs, you can see again, yeah, 2. 4 million visitors a month. They’ve kind of had this fairly steady, I mean, there’s some big spikes, but you know, they’ve been getting two, 3 million visitors a month for a few years, it looks like and they rank for 30, 000 keywords, which honestly isn’t that much. Oh, of course they logged me out right when I’m trying to show this on screen.

I was going to look at some of the keywords. Oh man, I love Ahrefs. Here we go. Keep it PC. So they, they rank for 30, 000 keywords, you know, some of their top keywords, obviously compress JPEG, JPEG compress, compress image, JPEG compressor, and pretty much every variation that you can think of related to that, probably also PNG compressor, etc.

And so they get tons of just organic traffic for people that are searching for that. And then they get a little bit. Direct traffic, right? If we go over to similar web, you can see 2. 7 million visitors a month. That, that would mean roughly. Well, I think it breaks it down into percentage wise here.

70 percent it says is organic search, 30 percent is direct something like that, right? So, you get lots of people that are returning, hey, they find it, they like the website, it’s simple, it does its job, and might as well keep using it, so. So that’s what I found. Again, maybe not weird. Although their, their sub headline, which I don’t know why I didn’t notice this before.

Compress JPEG with the force of an elephant. And their logo is this, this elephant circle thing. So, I guess that’s catchy. Kind of unique. I’d call that weird. Yeah. . So kind one thing I 

Jared: thought I’d highlight about Yeah. Kind of cool. Yeah. One thing I thought I’d highlight about this site while we’re sitting here, I just saw it for the first time, but I bought, I booted it up on my, on my mobile device here on my phone.

I kind of thought like, you know, compression we typically think about as a desktop experience. And so, yeah, I like, why would I ever, like, I need the photo on my desktop and I’m gonna be using it in my desktop. But, you know, Apple’s announcement this week that their new iPhone has, has a 48 megapixel camera.

Means that photos coming out of your phone now need compression. I mean, they, they did need it before that, but they only increasingly are going to need compression to go on a website, to put, to publish. And you know, this site does a very good job when you hit upload files. I mean, it feels like it’s going to be one of those things where you’re like, it has to try to access the downloads folder of your computer and how does that work on a phone.

But. I can upload photos straight from my my photo gallery here very easily. It’s a great mobile experience. And, you know, so I didn’t carry it all the way through and actually compressing from my phone. But so far so good. Of course, I only get one ad and it’s below the fold. So I wonder how much their earnings are swaying between the five above the fold ads on desktop and the one below the fold ad on 

Spencer: mobile.

Yeah, they’re taking advantage on desktop for sure. And, you know, you kind of bring up a good point that the technology is really good behind this, right? They, they probably put a lot of development hours and effort into making it a very simple tool. I mean, you know, I know we come to the website and all we see is a button.

It’s like upload files and, oh man, this is super easy. I should try to compete maybe, or. Man, they just are, you know, that that’s kind of, we, we hit on the highlights of like, oh, they’re getting 3 million visitors a month. They’re probably making, you know, 30, 40, 000 a month just from display ads and, or more but really they’re, there’s probably a team behind this.

Or at least, you know, a couple of, of good developers that keep it updated. And there’s a lot that goes into not only building a tool like this, but to then get it to rank in Google with all the press mentions and, and link building efforts potentially. So as simple as it is, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s it’s.

Easy to build and replicate, but it is a very fascinating website to think about and perhaps give some ideas of what you could do in the future or how you might be able to implement something into your own business model or your own website. 

Jared: Well, you would know running Link Whisper. I mean, you have a full time developer feels from the outside, like, yeah, you built it.

It’s an internal linking tool. I’m sure someone’s got to go in every month and, you know, make a few updates, but what else, what else does it need? You know, but yeah, you’re one, you would know what, what that looks like on the inside. Yep, 

Spencer: you know, it, it is amazing how much upkeep and just ongoing work a software application takes.

I’ll, you know, I’ll just simply say, yeah, Link Whisper, for example, is a full time developer and he is very busy, you know, all the time, all the time. So there you 

Jared: go. Good site. And again, another. Not a calculator, but another little piece of sass, if you will. It’s not really sass, but another little tool, how has that another little tool that is simple, but gotta be profitable.

It gotta be pretty profitable. 

Spencer: Yeah, absolutely. So, all right. Did you also find a profitable website? 

Jared: No. Well, maybe I don’t think so, but I found a weird one. All right. 

Spencer: Well, that checks the box that we need. So it’s weird. 

Jared: I mean, let me put it this way to you, Spencer. Have you ever. Thought how cool it would be to have your relationship your marriage the feature of a romance novel 

Spencer: Well, no, I can’t say i’ve ever thought 

Jared: that well Maybe you’re off.

Maybe you’re not like the rest of the people that this site is designed for but this site is yournovel. com and you can submit your love story and have a novel written about you and shipped to your house. 

Spencer: What? Yep. Okay. So, who, who writes it? 

Jared: Don’t know. Don’t know. I don’t know who writes it.

Maybe AI writes it. It’s been around since 1992. Wow. Yes, I said that right. 1992. This is not a new website. This seems like something that… Had to have gotten kicked off with AI. And when I saw it’s been around since 1982, I almost fell out of my chair. Again, that’s an attack line. Star in your own personalized romance novel.

You can pick any one of their 50 adventure romance novels and e books. Beach cruises, exotic vampires, detectives, and more. You can pick a category. It is as weird as it sounds. 

Spencer: That is fascinating. I wonder if it’s almost like like an article spinner, like they have these prewritten books, you know, they’ve got 50 plus like templated books already written and they kind of just get some basic information about you and put your names in there and.

You know, instead of meeting at the restaurant, they, they met at, you know, the, the golf course. Yep. You know, based on your story or whatever. I wonder if that’s kind of what it is? 

Jared: They you know, they’re they’re, they average 170 pages long. The novels do, the romance novels. They also offer what’s called a novella.

Is that a short novel? I don’t know. Yeah, 

Spencer: like a short novel. Yep, 

Jared: okay, thank you. That’s about 60 pages long. You can buy them in a hardback or a softback. You can get an ebook version. I, I put it in the notes there, Spencer. They have a massive FAQ section. So if you have any questions about this, believe me, it’s there.

I’d like to call attention if you would to in the FAQ section there number 23 

Spencer: FAQ number 23. Do you ship to prison? 

Jared: I mean, you know, When you are talking about a well built out FAQ page, you really haven’t covered all the topics until you address whether or not your product can make it in and out of prison or not.

Spencer: They strongly suggest you contact the prison first to confirm that they accept deliveries and to note any special regulations the prison might have. So, maybe. They’re gonna try. They’re gonna try. I mean, 

Jared: this is so funny and so bizarre and by the way. I think I looked it up. It’s like a, it’s like a dr 30 or something.

It hardly gets any traffic. It ranks for like 200 keywords. What did I put down? Yeah. Dr 31. It’s like 200 key. It’s like less than 200 keywords. So it’s not even worth it. I don’t know how much traffic it actually gets, how much business they actually get. It would appear if you peruse around the site that they get a nice spike in Valentine’s day, cause they talk about that a lot.

Yeah. But I mean, you know, you kind of already touched on it a bit, which my mind got going like how interesting this concept could be when you bring in the world of AI and you creatively come up with prompts and you have an intake form that is matched with specialized prompts that doesn’t just replace words like golf course.

And we don’t know if that’s what they do, but actually, man, I wonder what ChatGPT, I wonder what it could do by writing some really complex books, basically, based on someone’s story. 

Spencer: Mm hmm. I’m sorry, I keep, I, I see this question. No, I’m reading the FAQs and I don’t even know if I want to bring it up on the podcast, but I’ll just read the question.

What is the difference between the wild and mild versions of your books? Right? And you can read the FAQ about, okay it’s just, you know, you can yeah, wild or mild is, is an option, apparently. So I, I could, I could see that this would be Potentially a very funny gift to either a spouse, surprise a spouse with, or some other couple you know, you know, the family, you know, parents or something.

Jared: That’s what I can’t, I can’t think of getting this for my parents after I just read the FAQ that you referenced. I 

Spencer: would keep it mild. I would keep it mild. For sure. So Good, good find. That’s all I gotta say. I do 

Jared: think there’s profitability here. I mean, I certainly, well, I can’t imagine where I’m going, but I can imagine a lot of people finding this to be a either a gag gift, by the way.

Exactly. But I imagine there’s a, there’s a slice of the population that would be really into this. Yeah, not as a gag gift, but still 

Spencer: right And, hey, we’ve seen all kinds of businesses that are essentially gag gifts, right, explode and do really, really well. This is like a personalized 

Jared: gag gift. That’s what takes it up a notch.

Like, there’s gag gifts that we’ve talked about, but this is like super personalized. 

Spencer: Yeah, this is interesting. And so, yeah, I wonder if they’re going to do anything to update, you know, for the AI generation here, as you mentioned. I just, I look at the… The covers that are sort of scrolling through here and you get, you know, the pictures of you know, another day in paradise.

Oh, yeah. Anyways, 

Jared: it’s hilarious. I was I was sharing this with Caitlin my business partner, you know, this morning as I was preparing for this. And she was just busting up over all the, the, the cover photos. Yeah. I mean, they’re 

Spencer: terrible. Oh, man. Yeah, it’s terrible. So, anyways, if anybody wants to check this out, yournovel.

com. Maybe, maybe not making a lot of money right now, but, gosh, with the history since 1992, like, isn’t this website existed before amazon. com? Weren’t they created in 94? 

Jared: This website existed before the internet existed, I think. I mean, somehow this website was here before the internet was started. 

Spencer: This is what started it all.

Jared: This is it. This is the first website on the internet. This was it. Hey, no, just final thought on it. All joking aside, we’ve, we talked about this here and there, you know, like we’ve been doing this, this news episode long enough now to where I don’t remember where we talked about it. This is exactly the type of site we talk about where someone needs to email them, somehow get in touch with them, and say can I buy this off you?

Can I take your revenue, can I give you a fair multiple for it, and can I buy this? Because what an SEO could do for this, I mean, I think there’s potential. 

Spencer: Mm hmm. Yeah. I agree. I agree. So maybe somebody can do that. They’ve got a contact page. If, 

Jared: Can they enter, if they buy this, can they enter this into the AI contest and win 2, 

Spencer: 500?

Sure, absolutely. Yeah, they do that and and grow it. It’s all theirs. Dang it. Maybe 

Jared: I’ll maybe I’ll have to jump in on this Maybe I’ll have to. 

Spencer: That’s right. You gotta act 

Jared: fast. Oh boy. Yeah, I’d have to get this deal closed pretty quick. 

Spencer: Oh, man I 

Jared: don’t know if I could stomach some of the stuff we’d be putting 

Spencer: out though.

You know, that’s what I always love about not looking at your website really before we hit record like I I saw the domain, but I try not to look at it because that one got me. There was a couple of good FAQs and other, other things that that’s a good website. Thanks for the laugh, Jared. I found a good one this week.

Appreciate it. I found a good one, I guess. You did a good job. I found that one on my own. Yeah. That’s, that’s saying 

Jared: something. I was in a Panera this morning scrambling to try to find stuff. I had to close my laptop, though, because I was in a public place. I felt a little awkward. 

Spencer: Okay. Well, thank you for everybody that stuck around the full hour of the podcast here, listening to the news and the weird niche sites and everything in between.

Really appreciate you sticking around. As usual, if you’ve enjoyed the podcast, we’d love a rating or review. You can you know, go to any place that you download and listen to podcasts and leave a rating or a review. That’d be much appreciated. And if you are interested in either joining or just following along with the couple of challenges that I proposed, again, you can just go to community.

nichepursuits. com. And yeah, if you’re just interested in seeing what others are doing, that’s the place to check it out or join it. We’d love to have you. So yeah, that, that’s pretty much a wrap. Jared, any final thoughts here? 

Jared: I just make sure you’re on the email list for the newsletter. We, you know, release other podcast interviews every Wednesday.

And that’s where you get notified about those. We had a great one go live this week. With with Sarah, but yeah, every week the news is on Friday, but the interviews are on Wednesdays. 

Spencer: Absolutely. Lots of great content coming out each and every week. So thank you everybody. And I hope you have a great weekend.

Bye bye.


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